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Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”


― Albert Einstein

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Research & Development



Technologogy development

Our Products


At Zerofect we have developed a platform for the desing and implementation of the Digital Product Passport (DPP) for your products.


Do you want to be transparent and achieve higher levels of optimization, performance and sales then  DPPlatform is for you!


Our Services

At Zerofect we can offer you a complete set of services. We have the ability to upgrade your business to a sustainable and more technologically advanced environment. We provide consulting services, and extensive research to grow your business and we can train you in the new technologies.
Reduce production costs without reducing quality and with zero wastes in the environment. A new technological era is unfolding before you!


We upgrade your business to a new technological level by offering you personalized solutions with our innovative ideas that are applicable in all industries. Upon completion of the project, we train your staff for proper management.


Why choose Zer0fect?

Our goal is for the solutions we offer to be of strategic importance, to achieve an increase in production with zero waste in the environment and greater sustainability for your company.

  • We are the first company to provide design solutions for the construction of Zero Defect Manufacturing and pioneers in quality assurance.

  • We have deep knowledge and we fully understand the concept of sustainability.

  • We can increase the level of automation, efficiency and perfromance of your manufacturing system.

  • We can increase the knowledge and level of skilss of your employees, through our training courses.

  • Commitment to continuous monitoring and improvement of our services.

  • We apply sustainability to all industries regardless of product.

  • We have over 10 years of successful track record with many recognized customers in different industries across Europe

Our Driver

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Domains of service application


Provide inovative solutions and consultations tailored to your needs for implementing successfully and efficiently Zero Defect Manufacturing. Reduce wastes (material, time etc) to zero, minimizing costs and increasing the sustainability of the manufacturing system. Also evaluation of the level of Readiness of a system towards Zero Defect Manufacturing

The implementation of modern technologies as well as Zero Defect Manufacturing (ZDM) creates new scheduling issues. In Zerofect we understand those new implications and we offer our customers advanced scheduling solutions for efficient ZDM and new needs implementation.

We provide solutions and consultations for increasing the level of sustainability of your products and manufacturing systems. We follow an holistic approach, on different levels to achive true  sustainability.  Design and development of a Digital Product Passport tailored to your needs.

We develop process or equipment Digital Twins using a lean and efficient methodology. Our Digital twin methods recquires the least amount of data, making it industry friendly and at the same time offers high level of accuracy and reliability

Develop customised decision making solutions for every manufacturing stage and system (e.g. scheduling) in order to increase the level of automtion, productivity, efficiency and the sustainability of your production.


Zerofect focuses on developing solutions, giving directions and providing guidance on strategic decisions, in order to increase the sustainability and performance of manufacturing systems. Zerofect services cover four areas that provide holistic and sustainable solutions. These areas are Consulting, R&D, Technology provision and Education

Our services revolve around Quality control and assurance, Digital Twins, Scheduling, Decision making and Sustainability implementation.

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sustainability (5).png
   Do you need a software tool for your production?   

Some of our partners

Our mission is to provide our customers with solutions that will reduce waste, increase productivity,
achieve Zero Defect Manufacturing, and contribute to global sustainability.

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