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Do you need a software tool for your production?   



Do you have an engineering problem?

We can provide you consultation for helping you overcome the issue and improve the performance and sustainability of your  manufacturing system.


Do you have an inovative idea?

We can conduct reserach for you, our 14 years of R&D experince on the manufacturing domain allows us to offer high quality research. 


Do you need a sotware tool for your production?

We can develop software solutions tailored to your needs for achieving Zero Defect Manufacturing, high sustainability, automate Decision making, Scheduling and Digital Twins.


Do you need a training course?


We give lectures and research-based  training courses to industries and univeristies to educate emploees and students with the latest technologies and standards for improving skill-matching between companies and engineers

Our vision 

Our vision is to implement efficiently the Knowledge triangle to achive true knowledge circularity contribute towards global sustainability.

“The Knowledge Triangle concept suggests the need to improve the impact of investments in the three activities — education, research and Industry”

Being involved in all three areas of the knowledge triangle gives Zerofect the capability for offering to it's clients state of the art, innovative, high performance and sustainable solutions, contibuting at the same time to the evolution of technologies and knowledge through high quality reaserch. In Zerofect we feel as our duty to transfer our knowledge and educate engineers and students using the acquired and created knowledge from the collaborations with industries and reaserch activities. 

Knowledge Triangle


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Innovative solutions



Entrepreneurial activities


Reality lessons

Research-based teaching 


Our vision

Domains of service application


Benefits choosing Zer0fect 

  • Reduce waste of any form by at least 70%

  • Improve systems performance from 20%

  • Integration of Sustainability and ZDM without performance loss

  • Personel education on new methods and concepts, which will increase their productivity and quality

  • Accurate investments on equipment for quality assurance

  • Innovative ideas and directions, which will open new horizons for companies

  • Balanced solutions

  • Long term profits increase

  • Take the right decisions at the right time with the minimum cost

  • Design products and systems based on the right criteria for achieving sustainability

  • Zero barrier engineering thinking, you request we discuss and deliver

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