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Digital Product Passport

This is the  DPP for the light cube of ENALEIAn for enabling sustainablity and circularity.

Here all the steps during the process will be disclosed and all the information for the product will be mentioned


Pictures following the manufacturing procedure

Design and Manufacturing Times

In total 9.3 hours required for the complete manufacturing of the ENALEIA light

Supply chain


Energy, wastes and CO2 emissions

  • 4.014 KWh for the operation of the CNC and the milling of the ENALEIA logos

  • 0.42 KWh for creating the 45 degrees chamfer to the sides

  • 0.57 KWh for the heating of the plexiglass for bending it and forming it

  • 1.8 KWh for all the rest operations

  • 1.48 Kg of CO2 Emissions

  • 8.7 Kg of CO2 for logistics for supplying the necessary parts

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