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AeonTrace an innovative platform for creating the digital product passport of your products


Digital Product Passport (DPP) is an aggregation of various types of data, encompassing either the entirety or segments of a product's lifecycle, aimed at data transparency, traceability, circularity, and sustainability

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The DPP’s role involves storing data from different stages of a product’s life cycle.  The recommended steps cover the product from its manufacturing process until its end of life, culminating in recycling. 


We link data to products 


There are seven distinct generic data type categories involved in the DPP as illustrated.


These categories cover the entire spectrum of the product and all the steps of its life cycle. Some data may fit into more than one category, or different data may depend on data from other categories.


Each DPP data category corresponds to specific stages in the product’s lifecycle, though some categories may contain information from across the entire product life cycle.

The scope of DPP is to accompany a product throughout its entire life cycle and assist at each corresponding stage. This means that the information available in the DPP from earlier stages can be used in future steps to enhance the associated process or simply to inform the user about product’s crucial details.


Depending on the life cycle stage, different actors interact with the DPP. In total, seven distinct actors have been identified, these actor categories encompass all individuals or digital systems that can interact with the DPP. 

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