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Recycling Artificial vs. Natural

#Recycling is a mandatory action these days, but there is a misconception and fuzzy directions. There are two #types of #recycling, #natural and #artificial. Naturally the environment has the capability to recycle. On the other hand, because of our modern lifestyle, we produce more #wastes than the environment can recycle naturally. There comes the artificial recycling, where materials are recycled using artificial techniques aiming on reducing the #environmental footprint of the wastes.

But there is an #unbalanced effort share between the two types of recycling:

- Artificial recycling and technologies for reducing the wastes receive billions for developing more efficient procedures.

- Natural recycling is forgotten and also its capacity is reduced.

An #example of this phenomenon is taken from the recent devastating #fires in southern #Europe and the #US. A lot of research and efforts are being conducted regarding artificial recycling and the reduction of the #co2emissions. But at the same time the #surface area of #forests, that are responsible for the natural recycling, is being reduced dramatically. In other words, we spend billions for developing new recycling technologies and reducing #co2emission when the “technology” for the natural recycling is well known and it’s called #forests. No actions are made for natural recycling, at the #scale of artificial #recycling. This is very oxymoron!

Its not all about science! #nature


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