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Steps for successful digital business

Strategic #digitaltransformation is imperative for businesses in order to stay competitive and improve their services. Although the benefits and possibilities from digital transformation are countless, only 69% of firms believe that #digitaltransformation is vital, out of which two thirds of firms say the benefits of #digitaltransformation outweigh the risk, cost and effort involved. There are two main obstacles that businesses must overcome to achieve strategic digitisation: the cost that arises from the #digitaltransformation and the lack of knowledge and skills.

According to #Gartner there are Six Key Steps to Build a Successful #DigitalBusiness

Therefore, it is imperative to convince businesses and particularly the #manufacturing - industrial domain to embrace #digitaltranformation because it is for their benefit. #digitaltransformation in only the first step for harvesting the capabilities of modern #datadriven technologies. In other words #digitaltransformation is the first step for the adoption of #industry40 concept.

An example of the benefits of #digitaltransformation is the ability to implement Zero Defect Manufacturing #zdm, which will allow manufacturing companies to be more sustainable offering high quality products.


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