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The Foundations of Zero Defect Manufacturing

Contemporary market and environment needs impose the need for new techniques for #qualitymanagement are in order to for #manufacturing companies to stay competitive and increase their #sustainability . One of the most promising strategies today is called #ZeroDefectManufacturing. This approach has the goal to #decrease and #mitigate failures within manufacturing processes and “to do things right in the first time” , in other words to eliminate defected parts during production.

In our journal article we set the foundations for modern Zero Defect Manufacturing (ZDM). #ZDM is a viable alternative for #qualityimprovement and #qualityassurance but until now there was not common understanding and perception and therefore a lot of confusion and small audience. Our article is entitled "Zero defect manufacturing: state-of-the-art review, shortcomings and future directions in research" and can be downloaded from

The #ZDM consists of four strategies: #detect, #repair, #predict, and #prevent. Those strategies are interconnected among them as follows. If a defect is detected then it can be repaired, also the data gathered by the defect detection module is populated to specifically designed algorithms for predicting when a defect may occur and therefore be prevented. Here fits the phrase mentioned earlier “to do things right in the first time”.


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