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Job announcement: Research and Development Engineer

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Application deadline March 30th 2024, candidates will be evaluated in a rolling basis

Applicants wishing to apply please send us by email their CV and a motivation letter with two paragraphs (max 150-200 words each) explaining why they think they are suitable for the specific job and why they would like to work at Zerofect ( Additionally, applicants should declare the earliest date that they can start the position. Applicants should put in the subject of the email the job they are applying.

About the job

Zerofect is seeking a talented and motivated R&D engineer to join its team in Switzerland (applicants in Switzerland will be prioritized) or Greece Athens physically, hybrid or remotely. The role of this person will be to assist with the design and testing of our products, which are including a dynamic scheduling tool and a discrete event simulation tool, as well as decision support systems that will be integrated with the scheduling tool. In this role, you will be working closely with the R&D team for the design and development of ICT solutions for the manufacturing industry. Besides the design and development of ICT solutions your responsibilities will be to create technical reports for documenting your work, assisting in the writing of research papers. Finally, you will be responsible for assisting/leading the EU research proposals preparation and EU projects management.

About us

Zerofect is a company the focuses on the development of innovative solutions for the manufacturing industry. There are two pillars of work in Zerofect, the development of solutions for our clients and also the R&D section where we participate in research projects with various partners.

About you

  • Adapt to a fast-paced and dynamic work environment, where you will interact with our large network of world-class scientists, experts, and clients.

  • Strive to be a quick learner and good team-player with a critical mindset, ideally with unconventional and disruptive ideas.

  • Expect participating in important decisions regarding the design and performance of the corresponding tools.

  • You are motivated to excel in your job and to be part to a fast growing company

  • Your responsibilities in more details:

  • Collaborate with other team members for the capturing and documenting the different application requirements for the tools to develop

  • Design ICT tools (discrete event simulation and dynamic scheduling tool) based on the defined requirements.

  • Manage research projects

  • Initiate or participate in the preparation of EU research proposal for acquiring funding

  • Be part of scientific papers

  • Give meaningful inputs regarding technology-related decisions.

  • Create documentation for the different applications and tools designed and tested

To be successful in your role, you must have the following qualifications:

  • Minimum Bachelor and Master degree in Mechanical engineering or equivalent, applicants with PhD will be prioritized

  • At least 4 years of experience in scheduling of manufacturing systems

  • Experience in discrete event simulation tools for simulating production systems and supply chain

  • Knowledge of optimization methods (analytic methods, heuristics, metaheuristics etc)

  • Knowledge in decision support systems

  • Great communication skills, Multitasking

  • Willingness to travel in the context of some projects

  • Professional level in English

  • Team player

  • Knowledge sharing

To be even more successful, the nice-to-have qualifications are:

  • Knowledge in Zero defect manufacturing

  • Experience in mathematical optimization of production scheduling algorithms

  • Matlab or Python knowledge

  • Experience in European research projects

  • French and/or German speaker.

What Zerofect offers:

  • An international flexible and human centric working environment

  • A competitive compensation package will be offered based on qualifications.

  • Connection with many industries and research institutes

  • Great opportunities for your professional career

  • Opportunity to travel in different countries

  • Learn new concepts and come in contact with state of the art knowledge.

  • Learn various working methods for high productivity

If you share a vision embracing a world in which individuals expedite the journey toward a sustainable planet and a circular economy through the dynamic synergy of science, technology, education, and creative imagination, then this job is for you!

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